7 people private room accommodation plan
Private room (akafuji)
● This room becomes a private room with family and friends.
● This is Japanese style room.
Private room (akafuji)
● Please use the restaurant for meals.  The restaurant is open from 7:30-19:00.
● From 10th July to 10th September, the regulation of the car is carried out.
(Please use public transportation.)
● Our shop is a mountain hut. There are no bathing facilities such as a shower or a bath.
● There is one futon per person so sleeping bags are not necessary.
● Payment is only for local settlement. Cash or credit cards are accepted.
Room type
This is a private room of seven people.
This is Japanese style room.
16:00 - 22:00 (Please arrive by 22 o'clock.)
There is no checkout procedure. You can leave at any time.

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